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Mywe (an acronym that stands for Make Your Work Easier) saves you valuable time while at your computer. Mywe does so, first of all, by providing you with tools that will help you avoid typing the same text repeatedly, and, secondly, by organizing in a single desktop manager all the functions and utilities that we all tend to use most when working with our computer. This way it can reduce by more than 50% the amount of time you usually spend performing repetitive tasks on your PC.

Mywe installs a discreet yet colorful toolbar on the top side of your screen, and all you have to do to activate the various menus this tool provides is hover your mouse over one of these color bars. Each thin color bar will open a different menu, each with a set of options designed to help you save time and boost your productivity. The program also installs an icon-like main menu from where, alternatively, you can also access the various features and options. Either way, Mywe won’t interfere at all with your current desktop’s layout –it will simply add a unified interface that you may or may not use to help you make the most of your time.

The typing assistant covers a range of tools to help you type less, and therefore faster. These tools are word prediction, word and phrase autocompletion, phonetic input, FingerText, and hotstring. Though the default dictionary that the program will use refers to the English language, you can build your own wordlists and dictionaries with any number of words and expressions in your own language. All of these tools will try to predict what you are trying to say, offering you options that can be added to the current text with just one click. Think of the autocompletion feature on your cellular phone and multiply its efficiency by ten.

Though typing takes up a significant amount of our working time, Mywe incorporates other tools that will help you save time while working with various windows, navigating through the Web, looking for files and folders, etc. Thus, this program offers you an alternative desktop manager, a virtual desktop, a clipboard manager, a file manager, a fast search function, website preview, etc. All of these tools can be accessed easily and quickly from either the color toolbar or the menu icon, saving you the time it takes to find and use this same functionality through your Windows OS. You can hide windows, make them transparent, turn them into thumbnails, work on two workspaces simultaneously, organize your clipboard and make a better use of it, navigate through your folders in a menu-like way, search the Web and preview the websites in a much faster and efficient way than using any standard online search service, and many other tools and functions that will improve your efficiency and productivity while cutting down your working hours.

Mywe is not only an excellent alternative to the way you use your Windows desktop, but also an extremely interesting add-on to all those tools that involve typing. It is discreet, elegant, and efficient, and though it may take you a few hours to find your way through the various menus at first, its efficiency will surely win you over immediately. Definitely, a worth-trying application.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Compact and intuitive desktop manager.
  • Groups all the most commonly used tasks in a single space.
  • Allows you to type repetitive texts twice as fast.
  • Adds a useful text expander to its typing assistant.
  • Language-independent tool


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